loz-bang... Are you tigga or are you loz-bang?
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you like to live life on the dangerous side, your not afraid to skull a whole bottle of vodka and go out to a club putrid then go home with some random kid you just met. you do however wake up in the morning and wish it never happened. you have no problem with taking on 3 guys at a time in the bowlo carpark. when your putrid your a major clutz, falling off garden stools landing on a gate and bushes but still manages to save the drink. you tend to take care of your friends when they freak out on pills and dont mind waiting at straithfield station for 4 fucking hours, you also dont mind cleaning up kate west's vomit after she has downed half a bottle of vodka. you think nutidy is great and get your tits out for the boys and have no problem exposing yourself on the side of sparks road.

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