You are a hider.... Who are you really?
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You are a hider.

You hide from the world and everyone in it. You hate the thought of being around people and you're constantly checking your surroundings. You wish for someone to reach out and help you but you're afraid to show that you need help. You're very independent and you like to do things alone. You press the thought of figuring things out by yourself and destroy anyone who tries to assist you. You feel like you're alone in the world and although you want desperately to be appreciated, you do not show it because you would rather be alone than show how you really feel, for showing how you really feel leaves you empty and wounded inside. You strive to be the best at most things so people will recognize you but when people do you freeze up, unsure about what to say and shrug it off. You believe that no one could actually like you for who you are so you fake everything. People often view you as strange, annoying, or dark but you are a mixture of all of these things. You can be anything you want to be but choose to be something that people will flock away from rather than flock to.

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