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The Fourth Drink Instinct - Cute Is What We Aim For

You're a very attracive girl. But you're also lonely, and insecure. After a few drinks you're likely to do things you later regret. Maybe cut back on the alcohol. Or at least get into the habit of only drinking around girls (and guys you can really, REALLY trust). “She's doesn't deserve to be in a place like this, all alone. She's underage and so very, very brave. A fake ID lent her credibility. She sits at the bar: The gents are gonna try so hard. He said it was a one night stand, But the alcohol didn't let her understand. Yeah, he said it was a one night stand, A one night stand. So what made you think That he couldn't find a door in the morning? When he found that bed so easily In the dark. So the bartender who tends to pretend that he's concerned, Says, "Girlie, Girlie, you're at your best, when you're sober" And she slurs, "No, no! Just one more!" And one turns into four The fourth drink instinct is taking over And the gentleman is leading her towards the door. She thought that she could buy happiness by the bottle.”

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