Antonia - Motion City Soundtrack... Which Lyrics Are Based On You? (Girls)
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Antonia - Motion City Soundtrack

Guys love you for you. You're quirky, fun and loveable. Your man loves the good and bad habits that make you you. When you decide you want to settle down, he won't put up much of a fight, because he worships the ground you walk on. Your love is real, not hormone-fuelled or based around fantasy. Enjoy it! “She makes a lot of abstract art She haggles for the cheapest price She never orders take-out food Before ten o'clock at night She's really into snow mobiles She owns a lot of nice flashlights She cares for all the stupid cats That never found their way home She shaves her legs with ginsu knives She quotes a lot of Annie Hall She misplaced her virginity Back in 1995 She's what's keeping me alive She's the pizza of my eye (i don't think it's pie.. but i'm not positive) Without her near me I would not survive It gets cold when she's not around I float until I sink and get swallowed up It's so cold when she's not around I wait for her to come home and tell me I'll be fine She's always eating Captain Crunch She sings a lot of Ben Folds Five She's scared to death of cobra snakes Just like Indiana Jones She tells the dumbest knock knock jokes She drinks a lot of Chardonnay She hates the way I comb my hair But she married me last june She was the bride I was the groom I cried a lot and then we screwed Without her in my life I would be doomed It gets cold when she's not around I float until I sink and get swallowed up It's so cold when she's not around I wait for her to come home and tell me I'll be fine Tell me I'll be fine She loves the smell of Christmas trees She sneezes when she sees bright lights She fainted on the kitchen floor When her father passed away Our baby girl is due this May And when the little lady grows up I hope that she will be just like Her mother.”

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