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Static-X are an amasing band that mixes metal comedy with pounding beats. They are the band for you. They are part techno metal with gundge singing. But if you want a soft song from them try "So" the band members are: Wayne Static – lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming (1994–present) Koichi Fukuda – lead guitars (1994–2000, 2005–present) Tony Campos – bass, backing vocals (1994–present) Nick Oshiro – drums, percussion (2003–present) Former Ken Jay – drums, percussion (1994–2002) Tripp Eisen – lead guitars (2001–2005) Session Josh Freese – drums, percussion (Shadow Zone) Live Marty O'Brien – bass (2001) Will Hunt – drums, percussion (2007, 2009) Bevan Davies – drums, percussion (2007)

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