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You're a pretty feminine guy, although you do have your masculine moments which tend to freak the fuck out of people. People have known you're gay since about year 3 and the only people that give a shit are the people who are too gay to function- but you could really care less. You love art (traditional mixed-media being your main choice), fashion & music. You're pretty emotionally unstable and you seem to get along with almost every chick in school- especially Jess, Morgan, Sian, Asleigh & Kirsten. You're a fanatic blogger- you blog out all your pains and frustrations purely so you can continue your life without a primal urge to rape the shit out/stab someone. As much as you say you're gay, you seem to make people wonder because you grind on 100% women then you do on men (at school, at least)... You've never had a Narnia trip, although you can't wait to go- thought your Sniks outings have gone from the first to the latest- you haven't missed a beat & you're proud of it. The only thing you don't like about it is being unable to get smashed & having to help Kaitlyn round up those fucking bitches as they ran down the streets without pants on and Marie and her terrible assault on Talia. You seem to enjoy Sniks & every other event you bitches have regardless of the fact that you've never consumed any illicit substances and you never plan to- which is the exact reason you're completely put-off from getting smashed off your face. Congratulations, though, you're the only male outted by choice- go you! Also, you have a blackberry instead of an iPhone because they're "too much of a toy" and it's the shit- because, really, "do celebrities have nokia's or blackberry's?"

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