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You're the attractive, tall, sexy bi chick who doesn't believe she's as gorgeous as everyone says. You have amazing eyes and you either knowingly or just coincidentally frame them with tonnes of eye make-up and a bouffed up hairstyle. You're quirky, love MayDay Parade & Paramore and you love to state facts about your procrastinatory style, your height & how fucking radical you are. You tend to have a bitchy side at times, but you flaunt it because there's no point pretending. You have lots of thoughts and feelings about everything that goes on around you, although you seem extremely withdrawn to those that don't know you too well- although those that are close to you know extremely intimate details about your life. You used to love horses, although your stance has changed and you now despise the creatures and their oversized faeces that seems to end up everywhere in the city and you love trips to Narnia with Josh, Matty & Kirsten and despite trips to Sniks where you're unable to get smashed off your face, you don't smoke and have to look after those ungrateful bitches who end up running down the streets with no pants on with Christian.

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