Maxine... Which Non-Heterosexual Year 10 OACC Kid Are You?
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Maxine- the chick that, at the beginning, lots of people thought were awesome, but that impression went to slightly over the top to annoying and then back to fucking awesome, but has now become "that chick that Christian can't live without because of your amazing D&M's that you've started to have at the end of this year and the chick that Steven's whipped for." You love anime, manga, scripting, abridged series and anything else remotely asian- in fact, you're more asian than most asians are, regardless of the fact you originated from (wait for it)- that's right, Bendigo! You're leaving the school at the end of the year, much to many peoples dismay. You like to be recessive in relationships but you like to make everyone your bitch and make sure they know it. For some reason you carry a tampon around in the front pocket of your bag (although Kirsten & Christian wet the last one and threw it into the SOSE Open Learning Area- better get another one!) and you love to smoke. You're hoping to follow through with some more illicit substances soon in the future and you love Sniks trips and plan to keep attending them even after you leave OACC (which you fucking damn well better!) You're bi- everyone knows it & you're fucking spontaneously random & fucking amazing.

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