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The greek motherfucker who doesn't have facebook because she's a wanker and still dates more men than she does women (apparently purely because of her family & their background). You're fucking hilarious, although you can be moody. You don't smoke as often as the others, although you do smoke & you definitely chain smoked @ the first Sniks event (you fucking chimney, you). You're moody at times and you're a tank bitch and you make sure Talia knows it (Talia: "Guys, don't go after her- she hit me, really hard!" Marie: "I just walked past her and accidentily nudged her arm" :S). Sniks is amazingly fun for you & sitting in Narnia is, too. You're teenspotting hot guys majority of the time and contemplating if things will work- and even if you think they wont, Christian's already on your back about meeting the new potential guy to see if he can hopefully score with yet another non-intentional-hook-up :) Kirsten's your sister- we've established that if you and her were to do anything, it'd be incest. And incest (in this case) is most definitely NOT wincest.

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