you are JESS PURCHASE!... Which JAMES girl are you?
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you're the mother hen of the group! you give everybody advice and are the go-to person when someones upset. ypu get teased a lot by your friends but they dont really mean it- its just fun to bag you! :) you are ridiculously, amazingly gorgeous... and brown which gets really annoying to all of your friends but you make up for it by being incredibly sweet and caring. youre a bit of a nerd cos you enjoy reading books- especially twilight(ewwww) but youre also into fashion and are always looking hott. You have quite a few boys interested in you, but who can blame them? youre funny and laugh at everything and you have a bit of a high voice :D you have a verrryy nice ass aswell ;) you also say "sorry" wayyy to much :)

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