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Angelika, you’re also known as the Greek. You are the proudest Greek in the history of the world, all you eat are souvlaki's and all you ever do is swear and sing in Greek you love everything greek. Your best subject is English and you use that to your advantage by intimidating others by using big words, you are a perfectionist and really funny. You love imitating Asian girls in porno's and have the yeah boy moan down pact. You love impersonating people, making teachers cry, doing sounds effects and talking with different accents. The girls in your group always go to you for advice but you won’t ever tolerate anyone’s shit. Your proudest asset is your ass and you show it off every chance you get, you are very good at multitasking and can manage to do all your makeup in commerce within five minutes without even looking at the mirror once and it still turns out perfect :)

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