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Alexandra, you’re also known as Anch. You are generally a good student but don't ever shut up and can be quite a smart ass. You’re very funny, sarcastic and the looks you pull are priceless. You’re a proud Aussie and you don't let anyone forget it, you won’t take anyone’s crap and are always there for your friends. You let all the girls in your group copy your work without a single problem, your very easy going, fun to be with and easy to talk to. You make out to be tough but inside you’re very soft, although some teachers find you intimidating because you’re quite smart. You enjoy bossing your commerce teacher around and walk all over her as if she's a door mat. You give the lamest yet funniest advice and the 'grope' would not be the same without you, those girls are lucky enough to see your pretty face everyday because you have not missed a single day of school.

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