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Blair, you have a very soft heart and can be quite sensitive. You’re absolutely gorgeous except when you don't have your coffee in the morning, then those near you should take cover. You love your boyfriend Nick to bits and everyone thinks that is adorable, you hold your friends close to your heart. You’re all round good at most subjects and a good student. You are very understanding and easy to talk to, many people confide in you because you come across as very gentle. But only those close to you know the things you get up to and know you’re not as innocent as you look. You tend to complain a lot but it is rather funny because you go off your nut over small things and always threaten to sue. You’re Australian like the rest of them and you are just as proud although you back Angelika up when there is a souvlaki involved. You are pro at dancing the Zorba and you always want to dance off against other Greeks.

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