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You banished Freddy! (At least until part 2)

After watching each of your friends meet their demise at the hands of the child murdering maniac turned demonic nightmare stalker - Freddy Krueger - you knew there was only your will to stop his evil forever. After realizing that you can bring shit out of the dreamworld, you opt to try and drag Freddy out into the real world where you can actually kill him. You prepare home made boobie traps and plan to have your boy / girl friend wake you up at the right time to pull the bastard out! Unfortunately your lover is already so much blood on the ceiling of his bedroom across the street so you have to act alone, with your mother in a drunken stupor of denial downstairs. You pull him, and after a lengthy struggle, think that you have him subdued in flames. However he has crawled up to your mother's room to get her while you thought it was all over. You barge in to find her silhouette descending into death... and stare in horror as the door shuts behind you. Freddy's figure is pushing its way through the sheets and he comes to get you once and for all... but you've had it... you turn your back on him, exclaiming: "You're nothing, I'm not afraid anymore Krueger, I take back all the power I gave you... YOU'RE SHIT!" You'll go one to face him again in part 3: Dream Warriors, where he'll finally kill you... but for now, you've won! Time to start taking dream suppressants, baby!

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