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Volleyball position is often the most sought after. They are running the show and calling out the plays and running the offense for the team. It is their job to make sure the ball is where it needs to be so that a hitter can put it away. The second hit is owned by the setter. Since each side can hit the ball three times before the ball goes over the net, a team member will pass it to the setter, the setter will deliver it to the hitter, and the hitter will spike the ball. The second hit is always for the setter and unless they call for help, the rest of the team should get out of the setter's way. A setter can also be a hitter depending on the type of offense that is being run. If the setter is on the front row, there is an option for the setter to "dump" the ball on the second net by just pushing it over the net. When done sparingly, it can catch the defense off guard. Also, depending on the type of offense that is being played, there could be one or two setters on the court. Great setters are usually the smartest player on the floor. They usually have soft hands that allow them to take the spin off the ball when they set it, they can orchestrate the offense, and have great vision to see the defense when they are setting the ball. If they can see the defense when they are setting the ball, they can deliver the ball to their hitters that only have one blocker or no blockers.

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