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The middle blocker is my favorite of all the volleyball positions. The middle blocker is the freight train in the middle of the front row. They often hit the ball right as the setter is setting it to quickly attack and catch the defense off guard. There is nothing sexier than a quick set that catches the defense looking and the middle blocker crushes it. What a great feeling. While the other team has the ball, they are responsible for the block. They will follow the ball and block whether in the middle, if it goes to the outside hitter, or the opposite. The ideal situation for defense is to have as many blockers as possible, so the middle blocker must read the setter and move to the ball. When the middle blocker goes to the back row, they will serve, and then once the other team sides out, the Libero will come in for the middle blocker. As a result, they don't pass the ball a whole lot and it is not a requirement for them to be good passers. The middle blockers are generally the tallest people on the team. If there is a tall person that passes well, it may be better to move them to the outside hitter. This is the position that I play, but that is mostly because I am 6'5".

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