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Right side (opposite hitter)

Opposites are the last of the volleyball positions to discuss. In the rotation of players, they always play opposite the setter's position and that is where this name comes from. They are generally a third option on the offense at the net as a hitter. Their hitting position is on the right side of the court if you are facing the net. In most cases, the setter will have to do a back set (set the ball over his head) to deliver it to the outside. These back sets can sometimes catch the defense by surprise and allow the opposite to get an easy kill. As a blocker, they are responsible for blocking in the same position which means they are usually blocking against the outside hitter of the other team. A strong opposite blocker can offset the strength of the outside hitter from the other team. They are also the player that will set the ball if the setter is unable to do so. This person is usually a jack-of-all-trades as they are required to have all of the facet of skills for a volleyball player. They usually aren't the best at anything, but can do everything. Hopefully, this summary of volleyball positions will help you know who is responsible for each part of the team's success. I also hope it will help you decide what volleyball position you should be playing based on your characteristics and skill sets.

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