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Lloyd James JR.

Okay So check this, your dark skinned and handsome and people tend to debate whether or not your 5'8'' or not. most people seem to think your no taller than 5'6''...its cool though bcause you still get girls & treat them like queens, and give good advise. peoples 1st impression of you is " wow, what a thug", but you are far from it. you are very mature for your age, respectable, & a gentleman. you used to have dookie braids with a headband, then abandoned the headband for a taper "/, then cut your hair & now your sexier, now u have curls and your sexy sexy sexy. your penis is 2nd biggest out of this courtet of brothers (in repsect to length). u quit basketball & now a music-head who makes beats(fantom), learning thepiano, & plays the drums (for occupation). your swagg is on 100,000,000,000,000%.....flyyyy guy.

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