Quinton Johnson... Which Brother Are You?
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Quinton Johnson

your buff beyond beyond belief & the thug of the tribe(Cuhz). like 2 of your brothers, you are very passionate about music as well...and you make beats(Killa)! out of everyone in the crew, your the most sexually experienced...you put it down no questions asked. you attend CSUN & live with your brother kevin. you are most likely to refer to women as "brauds" but that doesnt necessarily mean that you dont respect them. you pull ALOT of females...you love ethiopians. your obsessed with metallica & the song "system of a down". your currently working on your skills as an up&coming drummer. ur penis, with respect to width, is the thicker than murrays grease.....it can fit a baseball cap on it

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I bet I can guess exactly what you look like!

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