Kevin Flagg... Which Brother Are You?
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Kevin Flagg

Your the leader of the group. you are a special person; a sweet & respectable young man. your 6'4'' 190 lbs, and your getting buff as we speak. you attend CSUN with your brother Quinton. Your in a loving relationship with Cynthia Alozie. you have a dragonzord other words its as long as your forearm! you have dreads which makes your swagg uncomparable to any other. and your obsessed with penis. unfortunately, gay guys hit on you & it gets annoying but your a good guy so you bare with it. You have an ashy booty but you try to keep it moist with works. sexy happens to be your middle name. kevin garnett is your favorite player & you are a MAJOR Laker hater. Terets is a questionable attribute considering that you yell out random obscenities such as " Spank Me!"

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