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Tibetan Mastiff

Used primarilay as a watch and guard dog, protecting flocks from predators and families from intruders, the Tibetan Mastiff's homeland is in the high Himalayan ranges. In Tibet these dogs are kept heavily chained and are encouraged to be ferocious, but a different lifestyle in the West somewhat tempers this behaviour. However, the breed is meant to be aloof and protective so an understanding of this rather special temperament, coupled with sensible handling, are both important. An impressive, powerful, well-built animal, the Tibetan Mastiff has a solemn but kindly appearance and can be a loving companion, being especially fond of children. Males carry noticeably more coat than females and both moult seriously in the warmer months. The minimum height for dogs is 26 in (66 cm) and for bitches 24 in (61 cm). Weight can vary considerably but is usually 140-180 lb (64-82 kg).

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