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Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin originated in China but ended up in Japan as an exchange of gifts between the Empresses of the two countries. This breed uses its paws to wash its face very much in the manner of a cat, indeed the word chin means cat-like. Queen Alexandra was enamored of this elegant, aristocratic breed, with its happy, gentle, and good natured temperament. The Chin has a look of astonishment, peculiar to the breed, and its long, soft, profuse coat is silky and absolutely free from curl or wave. The large, dark eyes are set far apart and the well-feathered ears are also set wide apart. Colours are limited to black and white or red and white, the brighter and clearer the red the better. Height is usually from 9-10 in (23-25 cm) and an ideal weight is 4-7 lb (1.8-3.2 kg), the daintier the better.

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