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Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Coming from Pembrokeshire in Wales, this breed is believed to have been brought to Britain by Flemish weavers around the year 1100, though other sources claim arrival in 920. Pembrokes and Cardigans interbred until they were separated in 1934. Possessed of sufficient stamina to be well-capable of a day's work on a farm, and nipping, as intended, at the heels of cattle, this is a highly practical dog, happy to live with all types of families. Low-set, strong, and sturdily built, the Pembroke gives the impression of substance and stamina in a small space. Alert, active, bold in outlook . and workman-like, its temperament is friendly outgoing. The head is foxy, the tail short, and the coat red, sable, fawn or black and tan, with or without white markings on the legs, brisket and neck. The medium length coat has a straight, dense undercoat. Height is around 10-12 in (25.5-30.5 cm) and weight 20-26 lb (10-12 kg).

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