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Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Thought top be the older of the two varieties of Welsh Corgi, the Cardigan is one of Britain's oldest breeds, having been used for centuries by Welsh farmers to herd cattle. Incidentally, in Celtic the word corgi means dog. Not until the 1930s were the two varieties of Corgi divided. The Cardigan has a tail and is allowed more coat colours, though white should not predominate. Long in proportion to its height, this is a sturdy, tough and mobile breed, capable of endurance. The tail, like a fox's brush, is moderately long and set in line with the body. An alert, active, intelligent, and steady dog, the Cardigan Corgi is not shy or aggressive and ideally stands 12 in (30 cm) at shoulder with a weight of about 25-38 lb (11-17 kg). The short or medium coat is of hard texture, weatherproof and with a good undercoat.

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