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The Bulldog is descended from the old bull-baiting dogs although shape and substance have changed greatly with the passage of time. Even as far back as the 1630s it was classified as a Bulldog, and after the days of bull-baiting were over the breed was still a active participant in the dog pits. The breed'sfirst appearance as a show dog was in 1860 and from then on the breed has changed not only in shape but also in personality. Conveying an impression of determination, strength and dignity, the Bulldog is a magnificent breed and despite the fierce appearance it has a most affectionate and loyal naturebut is alert, bold, and courageous. Thick-set and low in stature, the dog is broad powerful, the head massive in size but no feature should be to excess. The fine-textured, short coat comes in various colours and although no height is specified, the weight for dogs should be 55 lb (25 kg) and for bitches 50 lb (22.7 kg).

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