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Australian Shepherd

Basque Shepherds from Spain emigrated to Australia towards the end of the nineteenth century taking their dogs with them, later moving on to the Americas and again taking their dogs. From these dogs in the US the breed originated. Although the breed is a relatively recent arrival in Britain, it rapidly became popular and has a seemingly ever-increasing number of enthusiasts. An intelligent dog with strong herding and guarding instincts, the Australian Shepherd has great stamina, is loyal, attentive, animated, lithe and agile, able to alter both speed and direction instantly. It has an even disposition, and the breed may show initial reserve but should never be shy or aggressive. The medium length coat is straight to wavy with a weather resistant undercoat and the range of colours is quite spectacular: blue, blue merle, black and red merle all with or without tan points. White is only allowed in specific areas. The height is 18-23 in (46-58 cm) and weight varies considerably from 35-70 lb (16-32 kg).

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