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We tend to think of Jews as successful and intellectual doctors, teachers, lawyers and accountants. Also, Jews are called greedy and are said to only care about money. In this way, they are categorized as “cheap” individuals who count ever penny. They are said to have big noses and a bald spot in the middle of their heads (the men). Another attribute Jews are said to have is bushy hair and facial hair. As a Jew, many of the Jew’s I’ve met have shared these attributes, but some haven’t, therefore my conclusion is that it is false stereotype. I don’t really get offended by this at all and recognize that many Jews, such as Hollywood producer Steven Spielberg are successful. Another item I wanted to point out was last names. Typical Jewish last names are “stein,” “Levy,” “Levine” or anything ending in “Berg.” If you are Jewish, have you had these experiences and if you have different religious beliefs, do you stereotype Jews in this manner?

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