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Lee Weili (noun for now)

CONGRATULATIONS. u are the only person with a name that is an adjective in itself. U are emo mo mo, but has the amazing ability to come up with ten thousand cold jokes. U are very much loved by SHouse because ure the most sociable one outta the superducks crew. Weili loves to sit in a corner, and not relax, but emo. We highly suspect he would love a foldable chair in order to sit comfortably at the corner while he HTHTs with ppl! Weili loves to eat weird food that no one eats during the og steamboats, such as fish paste in the shape of cutesy pig faces. He is adored by the juniors and his fellow superduck-ians many many. Touchy topics that should not be mentioned when around weili: weili i cant see infront when ure infront of me! Jokes that should not be made infront of weili: Fish 1: Are u a pufferfish? Fish 2: No, im just fat (cues laughter, and weili's stunned face). WE LOVE WEILI MAX! :)

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