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Congratulations, u are ah ongs, the crazy, smiley, yayapapysister! U're most likely to be newly attached, and have been spotted PDA-ing with ur boyfriend infront of fellow OG-ians. U have also a successful career in singing with Fifi as the yayapapya sisters. The hit single of this world renowned singing duo is "it sucks to be me (and sometimes you)". Talia is often misunderstood to regard colours as more important then friends, but we know u lurbe us alot. She was shouse house ic, and has proven her worth in cheering and being a retard (Beryl thinks meloe shld start calling talia a retard too). She is also very penny-wise, which is often misunderstood as being an aunty. Ah ong demonstrates great linguistic ability by having fluency in bahasa indonesia. so if u got her for ur quiz results, sia la, woots and double woots yos.

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