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Jeremy aka Han Shao

You are one of the og shao yes. Most eligible bachelor for three years running, you do not give hint to who u have feelings for. Although you often proclaim elaborately about ur various eyecandies. One of the most useful og members because u drive, u plan ur who-to-drop-first-routes very stringently. Beryl is very thankful u exist, for u are the most active participant in playing the lets make phrases out of car plates game with her. U play soccer every saturday and refuse to go out at night if the next day is a school day. Ure an ultimate mummy's boy and also our og's poster boy (u have many many very "natural" photos/ poses). U are a lao tiko, with much yellowness, but u only present this hideous side to fellow sihum-mians, insisting that u have to maintain ur non-existant image infront of the freshies. U always claim to be forever 17, but we dont believe u, though we pretend to, so u will drive us home. U cannot make up ur mind if u shld do honours, and often cite the economy as a major reason for all ur decisions. hougang-iers unite, one day we will rule the town council.

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