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Beryl aka Fifi

CONGRATULATIONS AND CELEBRATIONS! ure Beryl aka Fifi the magical unicorn, who has nothing to do (or rather, is procastinating) and thus created this quiz. Fifi is known for slacking her days away and panicking before essays and exams. Her forte is in being magical (shes actually from b612), sleeping for long hours and pigging out most of the time. Fifi normally MIAs during holidays because shes occupied with travelling, hence she misses out on ten thousand og outings, and usually has to read Tuesdays with Morrie alot, to calm herself down (just joking).She has a successful career as being part of the yayapapaya sisters and is currently president of the we-want-to-be-housewives club. She also runs a matchmaking and life trajectory planning agency called sibeh-eng-funness. Fifi is often suaned endlessly by her fellow og members and is ALWAYS MISUNDERSTOOD by them as being a tiko. She enjoys making up stupid games like lets-make-aphrase-with-the-car-plate-alphabets and improvision-rocks-my-socks-games. Fifi was brought into the og by mel loe and is much loved by herself and herself.

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