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Young Turk

You are one of the club's "Young turks". You are a young up and coming player who still has his best years ahead of him. You have prettier hair than any of your female relatives and spend far too much time in front of the mirror. You spend a lot of time socialising with women but never have any "success with the ladies". You think you are better than the older fools at the club but have yet to prove it either on the field or at social functions. You are either Stephen Sharp, Rhys Berryman, Lachie Smith, Kieran Nolan, Mick Millier, Travis Kennedy, George Klonis, Chris Hoare. Shehan Ramanayake, Janaka Amarasekera, Tom Costigan, Peter Blakeney, Kyle McClure or one of the Hockings. Your personal motto is - "wtf...roflmao"

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