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Circle Seven, Violence

There are three rings in circle seven, which you belong in is up to you... The first ring holding those who are violent against their property. here you will be immersed in a river of boiling blood known as Phlegethon. Have fun trying to escape, because if you do then centaurs will shoot arrows at you. The second ring holding those who commit suicide. Here you will be turned into a thorny bush or tree where harpies will tear at you for all eternity. Or if you destroyed your life by destroying the means by which life is sustained, you shall be chased by ferocious dogs through the thorny undergrowth of the forest. The third ring holds those who have been violent to god (blasphemers), violent against nature (sodomites) and violent against order (usurers). All of which reside in a desert of flaming sand where firey flakes rain from the sky. Those violent against god must lie on the sand, the usurers must sit and the sodomites must wander in groups along the desert.

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