Circle Nine, Treason... What circle of hell do you belong in?
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Circle Nine, Treason

You are in the ninth circle of hell, where you will be in one of the four rounds based upon the type of treason you participate in. The first bieng home to traitors to their kindred, who are immersed in ice which is up to their face, where thier shame can show itself. The second being home to traitors to political entities, such as party, city, or country. They are immersed in ice so they are unable to bend their necks. The third being home to traitors of their guests, who are frozen in ice so only half of their head is showing. Their tears freaze their eyes shut, so they are denied the comfort of crying. Sometimes souls are sent here even before death. The fourh is home to traitors to their lords and benefactors, the ultimate sin. They are fully encased in ice where they are distorted in all conceivable positions. It is here where Satan sits, beating his wings which cause the ice in the center of hell.

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