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Captain Jack

You first met the Doctor in the middle of the Blitz in London and it was your fault when the Gas Mask Zombies rampaged World War Two London. However, the Doctor and Rose took you in on the TARDIS and you helped them for a bit until you were exterminated by the Daleks. Rose brought you back to life with the Heart of the TARDIS but you were stranded on the Game Station in the year 200,100. You made your way back to Cardiff and hung around the rift, joining Torchwood and waiting for the Doctor to show up to refuel the TARDIS. It took him a hundred years but he got there! After travelling to the end of the Universe and defeating the Master, you went back to your little band of heroes and took it hard when Tosh and Owen died. After helping save the Earth from the Daleks, you had to leave Earth when Ianto was killed in the attempted 456 "child loot" and your own grandson died saving the planet.

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