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Jeffery Yuen aka Dolphin

People still haven't decided if you're either human or dolphin because you swim like a fucken torpedo, you destory every event at the swimming carnival reppin' the St. Vinnies boys. You're indeed quite pretty and every girl wants to fuck you, or dreams of it. You flick your hair and you somehow become slow mo like a dream. Your presence makes girls turn their heads. Your eat rice like a fuckn Asian everyday from your rice bowl at school. You're a funny cunt >< you use to fart everyday back in yr7 english, (they smelt like fucken rotten eggs) sitting next to the Cambodian guy that u still luv to this day. Your fkn smart and athletic, and look soooo fkn asian, chinky motherfucker. You and Jezza were never allowed on the same team for PE because people would bitch and have a winge because you's 2 would dominate. You have a whack sense of humour and funny cunt. Your children will have awesome "dolphin" skills and "kat" like reflexes, your children could possibly take over the world.

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