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Jezza Cambodia!

When people piss you off, you somehow find out who they are and backhand bitch slap them, you have been known to ride things you really shouldn't because you thought it would be awesome fun, your unorthodox method of resolving problems seem to work...eventually. You're a poor fucker and entertain yourself by placing bricks in trees in hope it will fuck someone up someday. You never pack recess or lunch, instead your wallet always has 50's and therefore you buy lunch and recess everyday, exclduing holidays and weekends. You are known to be good with computers and can hack shit, you have been known to make bombs, hack phones, basically you fuck the system, the system don't fuck you. You played PSP in most of your classes in yr10 . You made paper planes with your mate Bell and filled the whole Morley Plaza with fucken paper planes on a casual basis from the Alman buidling. People like you for some really fucked up reason. You get away with everything coz the teachers dont do shit to you Teacher: "jeremy are you making a phone call on your mobile?" Jezz: "ye just give me a sec" Teacher: "ok hurry" You're pretty quiet in class, but out of class u never shut the fuck up, always doing stupid spontaneous shit to entertain yourself. People think your random thats only because they are too dumbfucked to understand your well crafted jokes, indeed witty. You're also black, but not as black as lanky. You Rep Wetherill Park.

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