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Tenshi Twilight

Congratulations you got the main character in my story. You my friend is very alike to this character. Twilight is a very lonesome girl who needs to move on with her life and forget about the past, she needs to open up to people more as well as you. She's really stubborn with things but she gets gives in a lot for her friends. Even though she doesn't admit it or even show it but she loves and cares about her friends so much. Other thing is if anyone hurts your love ones, they will regret it as it does to Twilight. You are so lucky to be her. Your an awesome person but needs to open up more and realise there is more to life than being alone. You are a lock diary! But in the end, you learn a lot of things in life by truth, and honesty, and you have the awesomest friends in the world. Also since you are friends with Mei and Kimi, they kinda drag you into being a hostess in the host club and that's where your whaky adventures begin! Crush: Hitachiin Hikaru Friends: Ryo, everyone from the host club, Mei and Kimi go to and type up My Ouran Host Club Life...~A Hikaru Love Story~ by xXRukiaIchigo4evaXx and you'll understand the storyline.

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