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Awesome dude your like the awesomest character in my story. Ryo, the lazy laidback cool and relaxed guy who has no problems in the world except Twilight. She is your problem. No matter how many arguements you get with her, you always give in. Twilight is like a little sister to you whom you care of and always will. You try to make her realise these things and always prove her wrong. Meaning in the end of the arguements, even though she doesn't admit it, you win! You two are so alike but very different in a way. She blocks everyone out of her personal life, you, are just normal. An open book. Your lucky to be him! Crush: no one. Was married, got divorced, not looking for anyone in particular. Friends: Twilight, Mei and Kimi, other... go to and type up My Ouran Host Club Life...~A Hikaru Love Story~ by xXRukiaIchigo4evaXx and you'll understand the storyline.

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