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Minami Mei

Ah...the cute yet stubborn of them all. Mei is Twilight's gonna-be bestie. She tries very hard to unlock Twilight's emotion, but at times succeed. Your the bubbly, hyper, stubborn type that don't give a sh!t of what people think of you. You try to protect your friends and is always there for them. Good for you. Don't change. Also you are a weird random person and a hostess in the host club. (Your the one with the short hair) (The one beside you is Kimi) Crush: Ootori Kyouya Friends: Twilight, Kimi, Ryo and all the host club. go to and type up My Ouran Host Club Life...~A Hikaru Love Story~ by xXRukiaIchigo4evaXx and you'll understand the storyline.

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