Jason Hosking-Gavin... Who are you from Liverpool Boy's class of 2006?
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Jason Hosking-Gavin

Congratulations, you are Jason Hosking-Gavin! You are the whitest Fob in the world and everyone loves your beat boxing abilities. When you had long hair back in the days you looked like Mufasa from The Lion king. You Milk cows and eat Yoghurt for a living. You are Terrible at Jiu Jitsu and you should have a few private lessons from Mastracci. Thank god for your contact lenses because you used 2 squint like a fucking downy. IF YOU EVER GROW A MULLET AGAIN AND WEAR DRI FITS, WE WILL KILL YOU. P.s stop staring at my food. You have great Moxy and the cut of your Jibb is impeccable.

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