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You are born hating any authority. You learn that the military holds all the power over a country, so you enrol in the military. You then realize you have an absolute hate of the government, whom tries to have control over the military. You then realize that America has control over Australia. It is from this that you form the hypothesis: If the president of U.S.A is dead then Australia is free, and if Australia is free then the government is free, and if the government is free then the military is free, and if the military is free then you are free to take over the military and have all the control. You then find a dealer that sells illegal guns for a hefty price and you buy a Chey Tac Intervention, a long range sniper rifle capable of delivering accurate shots from 2500 yards away. After this you go and find a weakness in the president’s secret service’s plans. It is from this information you find a building 2291 foot high and 1000 foot away from the place the president is having a meeting. You wait for the perfect timing and you shoot the president in the head. You leave the scene and there is panic and confusion but no one suspects it was you.

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