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You will kill an ELDERLY MAN.

You are born in the poor parts of town and have to steal to survive. One day you are desperate for money and go on a rampage. You steal from the rich, the poor and anyone who has more than you. You finally get to an old looking flat and decide this will be the last house. You go in and find a priceless antique which would actually be worth big $, so you go to grab it. Then an old man stands comes into the room and begs you to leave. You then go to grab the priceless artifact, but the old man goes to grab it away from you. He rambles on about it being handed down for generations to end up in the hands of his dead wife. You then see that the old man has a cricket bat behind glass. You smash the glass and grab the cricket bat. The old man begs for mercy but you don’t care, and you smash him with the bat numerous times until there is blood everywhere. All you care about is that it is going to take hours to wash the blood out of your favourite white top.

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