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You will kill A FAIRY.

You live near the forest in a small cabin. One day you decide to adventure into a part of the forest you have never gone to. You walk for hours and find a clearing with a ring of toadstools. In the middle it seems there is a little bug. It is a weird bug that almost looks human, but that is impossible you tell yourself. As a child you would squash any small bugs with you feet and say Fee-fi-fo-fug, I smell the blood of a little bug, Be he alive, or be he dead I'll moosh him nice to make my spice. Thinking of this you get your foot and step on the little bug. Just as you do this you think you can hear a cry beneath your foot. You think that is impossible because bugs don’t talk. A week later you are in bed asleep, although you feel as if you can hear noises coming from the forest. If you were not already in bed you would have seen a fairy funeral for the fairy called Flitter that was squashed last week by an evil and ugly giant.

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