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You will kill LINDSAY LOHAN.

You have always wanted to be a celebrity, but lacked the necessary talent. You then decide the only way to fame is to be a photographer. It turns out that taking photos is actually what you are good at. You take photos of everything you can, from friends, to family, and various objects. You decide this is not good enough and that you must find better pictures. You choose to then become paparazzi, so you can take photos of famous people. This does not work well because famous people never want their photo taken or want to be noticed. You then decide to stalk a famous celebrity so you can get his or her photo. You pick Lindsay Lohan as your target and prepare to stalk her. You stalk her for months and don’t find any decent photos. You take matters into your own hands and wait till she is on the balcony of her apartment. You creep up and take the photo, but to your dismay Lindsay had her hand over the lens. You go to take another and she is trying to call security. You manage to get the photo but Lindsay is trying to grab the camera. In all the commotion Lindsay falls of the balcony and goes splat on the footpath. You then quickly leave without being noticed and decided to take a picture of her dead body. The only thing you are concerned about is that someone else has already beaten you to her dead body and is taking photos. You grab their phone with the camera and run.

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