Morgan and Rex's trap, The Anatomy... Which SAW test would you be put through?
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Morgan and Rex's trap, The Anatomy

You will most likely be put through Morgan and Rex's trap, The Anatomy. People walk all over you and you will never stand up for yourself even when you know you are right. You feel it is in your best interest to do what someone tells you to do then to state your opinion and accept the consequences that it may bring you. In this trap you are stuck together with someone that walked or is still walking all over you with several metal spikes going though each other’s torsos. The thing is, you can’t see each other and the other person has spikes going through almost every major artery in there body but the metal spikes are not in your major artery's. In this test you have to take a stand and pull the metal spikes out of your body to save your self, killing the other person or you choose to both bleed to death.

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