how much do you know about sex?

are you a sex god or a stupid little virgin

how likely are u to have sex before 18

this quiz is about how likeley u are to have sex before 18 based on how well u do things who you hang with all sorts of of stuff

What would your name be if you were a Boy?

This is a quiz for the girls out there who are wondering what their name should have been if they were a boy.

What Dwarf Are You? (From "The Hobbit")

Find out which of the dwarves from Tolkien's "The Hobbit" you are most like. I am basing this on Peter Jackson's adaptions of the dwarves and their personalities. You may notice there is no way to get Bifur. That is because Bifur is insane...

Which Shinhwa member are you?

this quiz will tell you which Shinhwa member you are!

What Kind of Rugby Player Are You?

You dont have to be a rugby player to take this, just find out whether your a big mean front row man, a tall yet strong second row or back row or are quick and speedy and have great attributes to be a back!

What Is Your Pimp Name?

What s your pimp name??

Which F1 driver are you most like?

Are you laid back and not bothered like Kimi or enthusiastic like Vettel?

what sort of foot fetish are you?

reveals your secret desiers and and personality type that you dont even know of.

what kind of dick do you have?

find out what shape and size you are

What Movie Character Are You?

find out what movie character you are! :)

How bad do you want sex?

Do you think you're not a horndog, when you really are!?

What Kind Of Vagina Are You?

We are all individuals and have different Vaginas, even if you have a penis, you still have a vagina hiding somewhere within you. Now you have the chance to find out what kind of vagina you are in a englightening quiz ;)

How much are you like Avril Lavigne?

Take this quiz to see how similar you are to the awesome singer Avril Lavigne!!! Don't worry, the questions aren't "how well you know her" just answer them like a personal survey :D

What kind of sex do you have?

Find out what kind of sex you have.

What is your phobia? The ultimate Scare test

What makes you quiver, shiver and makes you scream?

What anime guy likes you?

Umm..I misclicked and found a make a quiz thing soo...here I am! It will tell you who u got and why.

What gang do you belong in?

lmaoooooo i dont know i was bored and just got done playing gta

When Will You Get Married And To Whom?

Find out how old you will be when you get married and the letter of the person it will be.

How do you cum

What style of ejaculation/cum you do for guys and girls