What is your Superstar Name?

This shows what your superstar name is for when you become famous!

Who's your anime girlfriend

to see what anime girl is for you

How Big Is Your Butt?

In this quiz.... we use high technology to see the accurate results to how big your buttox really is. Thank you for your wonderful time.

do you like diapers

my first quiz and lol

What Still Game character are you?

From the hit Scot Tv find out which one of Craig lang beloved residence are you most like.

what gay stereotype are you?

find out what gay stereotype you are

What's the name of the guy you should date?

Have you ever wondered what is the first name of the guy YOU should date? Well take this quiz to find it! Simple and fast! If you don't take this you will probably regret it,just saying...So take it NOW.

How Much Do You Hate Your Sister/Brother?

find out how much u hate your brother/sister

Who is your Kpop Boyfriend?

Take this quiz to see who your Kpop Boyfriend is out of Infinite, EXO, GOT7, Big Bang and more! Each answer is detailed on your life as well.

What Anime Should You Watch?

Do you like Anime? Have you finished your current favorite anime and are looking for a new one to watch? Well, just take this quiz and you will see which anime suits your needs!

Whats Your Future Boyfriend's Name? :)

have you ever wonderd what your future boyfriends name is? well find out here:]

How old do you act?

How old do you act??

Who Will Ask You Out Tomorrow? (For Girls)

Find out what guy wants to make your day come true and take you out on a dateee (:

What kind of Furry are you?

We all know human-animal (or anthropomorphic) combos.... Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse. The furry fandom is the bunch of people (or furs) who are the super fans. They even make their own character's (called fursonas) that they use, myself included. So now, whether your doing this for shit's and giggles, or maybe even to help pick out a fursona, let's get started! BTW, all pictures used don't belong to me and I do not claim ownership. They belong to their artists.

What MLB player are you?

Find out what player you resemmble in the MLB. Good Luck! P.S. on the first ? sorry catchers and it doesnt matter which 3rd SS OF or 2nd u pick.

What is your chance of making it to the NBA?

Find out wheather you have a good chance of being drafted into the NBA!

What Does Your Eye Color Mean?

Your eyes can tell you a lot about yourself. Find out.

what horror movie r u?

in this quiz u can see what horror movie u r

What Manchester United Player Are You ??

It tells you which Manchester United player YOU are !!