what would you look like as a cartoon.

The cartoon characters are very well known. Try to guess who you will look like before you take the quiz.

what's your colour?

This quiz tells you what colour your personality matches.

first letter of person you'll marry (GIRLS ONLY)

tells you what's the first letter of the person you'll marry :D

How big is your dick? (H)

Find out how big your dick is, kinda realistic (:

What Kind of Porn Would You Be?

Find out where you would be in the "adult" entertainment business~ (Pictures are censored, because I don't want to be sued :D)

Are You Good At Sucking D*ck?

When people ask if you do, you really never know. Some guys dont even tell you are they say you do so you wont feel bad. This quiz will let you know for sure.

What Will You Look Like As A Teenager ?? :D

This quiz tells you what you will look like and be like when your 16 +.

How Sexy is your name?

See how sexy your name really is!!!

What is the First Letter of the Guy Who Likes You?

Do you ever wonder who likes you?? Well this quiz can tell you. When you get your result, think over your guy friends and all the guys you know and you will b shocked.

What Sharingan Do You Have?

Tells what sharingan you use.

Which Total Drama World Tour Character are you?

Ever wondered if you were like Sierra or nerdy like Harold? Take this quiz to find out!

What celebrity do you look like? (guys only!!)

I've been making lots of quizzes for girls so I thought I would make one for guys and see how it goes!

which black veil brides band member will you marry

black veil brides, marry, andy sixx, ashley, jinx, jake, christian coma

Who Will Ask You Out Tomorrow? (For Girls)

Find out what guy wants to make your day come true and take you out on a dateee (:

First Letter of the Guy Who Has a Crush on u!

for girls only.. take this quiz and let us know what is the first letter of the guy who has a crush on you

What age do you act?

How old do you really act? Take this quiz to find out!

What is your Spirit Animal?

This quiz is to see your true spirit animal. There are 5 outcomes, take this quiz!

How Big Is Your Penis? (Male)

Tells you what your penis size should be by how you live your life.