What Classic Job Should You Have Chosen?

When you were young, you probably dreamed about being a fireman, a doctor, or an astronaut. There are lots of things you can do with your life, but based on your personality, what classic job would have best suited you? Take this quiz to find out.

1 Among these, which did you like to do most as a kid?
2 Among these, what is your favorite hobby today?
3 Is it right for a father to steal for his starving family?
4 Would you consider yourself liberal or conservative, politically?
5 Which statement do you agree with most?
6 How social do you consider yourself to be?
7 If you had to do a favor for a friend, which would you most want to do?
8 How early should people have children?
9 What do you value most in a person?
10 When you were a kid, what would you have least likely dreamed of being?
11 What frustrates you most?